LZRecruit Network - Candidate Leads

LZRecruit Network

Quality Leads with a Retention Guarantee!
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LZRecruit Network - Candidate Leads

LZRecruit Network

It's like a job board but a whole lot better!

Employee Retention starts with who you hire.

Who you hire starts with a source of quality leads.

  • LZR Network. Over the past 15 years LZR has developed relationships and strategies with sources across the internet that produce the highest quality leads.
  • Data Driven. LZR applies our experience and historical data to develop a custom ad placement strategy for each client. A strategy focused on Lead Quality to maximize conversions.
  • Employer Branded. Job posts are professionally crafted to present your company brand and attract quality job seekers looking for opportunities at quality companies.

A Retention Focused Strategy

Provides Higher Quality Leads.

  • LZR provides leads that have directly expressed interest in your job by clicking your job post and taking action to reach out to you.
  • LZR applies our lead management tools to screen leads and route them to the appropriate recruiter.
  • LZR's Lead Sync will post all leads to your ATS. All leads are collected and stored in a secure database. And, LZRecruit will never share or resell leads generated from your campaigns.

LZR's Unique Retention Focused Strategy

Generates More Hires and Guarantees Retention

  • 100% Direct Leads - Spend your time with candidates that actually applied to your job announcements. No more wasting time with matched leads pulled from a database and resold time and again.
  • Retention Focused Strategy - Placing your job announcements at the right place and time in a candidates job search optimizes your marketing budget and reduces time to hire.
  • Dedicated Strategist - Work with an LZR Strategist that will manage your campaigns to maximize performance and help you meet your retention and recruiting goals.

LZR Retention Guarantee

Our unique Retention Strategy changes everything about recruitment marketing services. How they are delivered, measured, and how you pay for them. LZR aligns with you by developing and implementing a unique Retention Strategy, which we back up by placing 25% of our fee at risk. Now we're not just your candidate lead source, LZR is your Retention Partner.



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Why LZRecruit?

Integrity, Experience, Dependability
  • Digital Marketing: 24 Years
  • Recruiting: 16 Years
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  • Proven Track Record of Results

“Lionzone has done an excellent job in supporting our digital marketing needs over the years, by providing results and a focus on client support second to none.

D. V. - President  JobVidNetwork