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To help your company hire people who stay.

Compared to other job candidate lead sources, LZR is unique.
We operate as Retention Partners not just recruitment marketers.
Our unique Retention Strategy even has a guarantee!
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    LZRecruit Network

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    Employer Branding

    Retention & Recruting Strategies
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Employee Retention starts with who you hire.

Who you hire starts with a source of quality leads.

Truck Driver, Diesel Tech, Delivery Driver, Warehouse Associate, Dispatcher, RN, LPN, Caregiver, Technician, Customer Service Rep, Retail Manager, Sales Associate.

What are your hiring needs?

LZRecruit Network

It's like a job board.
But a Whole lot better!
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Truck Drivers

Why is Employer Branding important?

Your company has a reputation with your employees and in the workforce, whether you created it or not.
  • Increase Employee Retention

    A positive working environment, and a healthy company culture are major sources of motivation.

  • Attract Top Talent

    People want to work for a company with a good reputation and one that treats their employees well.


Effective Recruitment Marketing will...

Increase employer brand awareness, attract a more qualified talent pool, improve candidate experience, and lead to faster hires. 
  • The Right Place

    Get your message to the right target audience, where they hangout. Search engines, social media, websites, TV, Radio, Podcasts, mobile and desktop devices.

  • The Right Time

    It is critical that your company brand, messaging, and job opportunities are available every stage of a candidates journey. From the time they become aware of who you are, to their first day on the job and beyond.


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Why LZRecruit?

Integrity, Experience, Dependability
  • Digital Marketing: 24 Years
  • Recruiting: 16 Years
  • Fanatical Customer Support
  • Proven Track Record of Results

“Lionzone has done an excellent job in supporting our digital marketing needs over the years, by providing results and a focus on client support second to none.

D. V. - President  JobVidNetwork