Healthcare Recruitment Marketing

Supporting your organization's search for qualified employees.

Custom Recruitment Marketing Strategies

A team of professional Recruiters and Marketers that have combined our experience to create a suite of products and services that attract the right talent.

Stop Fishing for Leads

Our tried-and-true method of recruitment marketing puts your ads in front of the right job-seekers, and it only gets better. Our next-level campaign and page optimization has an impressive record of improving ROI!

Don't Miss Out on Top Talent

When you get a qualified resume, you’re likely still competing, and a faster response can mean a better hire rate. That’s why we created OSCAR, our applicant qualification and contact system. Connect with qualified applicants, within minutes of submitting their resumes, at the touch of a button!

Start Saving Time

Hiring managers can go through 50 or more employment leads before they find the right person for the job. TAP pre-screens your leads to make sure that the applicants have the skills and experience you require. Stop wading through resumes and contacting applicants that may not fit your needs!

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